Glass Filled Delrin Plastic Balls

Glass Filled Delrin Plastic Balls

Delrin is a tough polymer with excellent resistance qualities and high fatigue endurance, which means it will retain its structural integrity under harsh operating conditions and in the event of high impacts. It also has outstanding resistance to solvents, moisture, and pH-neutral chemicals. All our glass-filled Delrin plastic balls are readily available in a variety of sizes and have tolerances as high as ±0.001.

Due to its durable characteristics, Delrin is ideal for automotive parts such as door handles and seat belt buckles, and in industrial material such as gears, conveyor links, and pulleys. Delrin plastic balls are often found in kitchen appliances and fluid handling systems, and all our products are BPA free and FDA approved.

Delrin glass-filled plastic balls are a genuinely cost-effective option due to their durable nature, which means that your maintenance costs should also be significantly reduced alongside any production line stoppages. 

As the leading partner in the industry, we understand the various operational requirements and the importance of industry compliance and standards. We also understand that things can change quickly. We offer on-demand services when you need them the most. Our just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing approach ensures that we are able to meet any priority orders on time without causing any delays in your production schedules. Call us today to see how we can help deliver cost-effective glass-filled Delrin plastic balls directly to your production line.


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